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Developer’s website: http://zynewave.com/podium-free/

Podium- it is actually a paid digital work station


Zynewave Podium Free http://www.zynewave.com/


Its price is not that affordable I could say, but with your $50 you can already use it for a year. They also have packages for 2 years and 3 years subscription. Wherein you can save your pocket if you are wanting to use it for more than a year. For 2 years, they offer it for $75 and for 3 years $90. If you wish to renew then they offer a better pricing where in you can save at least $15. For 1 year from $50 you just need to pay off $35, for 2 years $60 and for t3 years $75. Not bad.

However, if you are undecided and wants to try it out first, before making any decision, they actually offer a Demo version. So you could test and try it first. But one good thing is, zynewave offers now a days a free version but of course, it has limitation.

Let’s talk about the free version. You might be thinking what are the limitations on it. There are only few limitations;

  • MIDI interface setup is limited to one input and one output.
  • 64-bit mixer engine option is disabled.
  • Plugin multiprocessing is disabled.
  • ReWire is disabled.
  • Surround-sound playback is disabled.

There are so much to learn ( for me) with this tool and which makes me think that this is not for newbie or beginners. But, they offer a manual to explain and tells you every step in using Podium. Also, video tutorial where you could watch and see how to use it.

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