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VirtualDJ Home is what most starters use. As it is free and it has most of the feature you need in starting your career as a music creator. VirtualDJ offers whole lot of features and to make a comparison you can go directly to this link: http://www.virtualdj.com/products/comparison.html to find out what will fit you.

Plug Ins:

Skins: They offer different skins. However this is not available for all VDJ’s edition. You can go to this link to choose what skin you would like for your software: http://www.virtualdj.com/addons/skins.html?category=all


  • Flanjet
  • EchoOut Slip Brake
  • Slip Mode
  • Loop Roll
  • Slip Backspin
  • Flanged loop-out
  • Filters
  • Echo Doppler
  • CDJ Vinyl Break
  • Telephone
  • BeatGrid
  • RollIt!
  • E-Drum
  • XPQ Emulator
  • Laser Ray
  • Forward Reverse
  • Matrix Flunger
  • Cut
  • Roll Mach3
  • Sub Bass
  • Pan Mach3


  • Quneo 1.0
  • Numark NS6 2.0
  • LaunchPad S OPD 1.0
  • Pioneer DDJ-SX 1.1
  • Pioneer DDJ-SX (Native) 1.1
  • Numark N4 1.0
  • Pioneer DDJ Ergo Style 1.0
  • Hercules Mapper Pack v2.2
  • Denon MC3000 DJ Controller 3.1
  • MC-6000 Full 3-1-2-4 2.0
  • Pioneer XDJ-R1 1.0
  • DN-X1600 3-1-2-4 Layout v 1.7
  • American Audio VMS4 Pro Full 2.0
  • Denon MC3000 DJ Controller 3.1
  • DN-MC6000 Ch 3<1 L-R 2>4 Mapper v1.6
  • Denon MC-6000 Full 2.0
  • Numark MixTrack Quad v1.0
  • Hercules Dj Console RMX 1.1
  • Numark N4 1.0
  • Hercules Air+ Full Control v 1.5
  • MixDeck QUAD 1234 1.0
  • American Audio VMS4 with PC or other soundcard
  • Pioneer DJM-850 (1-2-3-4) v 2.0
  • Pioneer DDJ-T1 Enhanced Controller Mapper v1.2
  • Denon MC3000 1.0.1
  • Pioneer DJM-850 in 3-1-2-4 v 2.0

Basic Instructions:

    1. How to record using an external mixer and VDj – With VDJ there is an option to record from the line in of your sound card. What you need to use is the RCAto stereo 1/8 cord.
    2. How to record while while using an external mixer using the record function and do not hear both tracks overlapping – You will need to set up a running cable from the rec out of the mixer. You will need to make sure that the Booth Out works fine and is set appropriately.
    3. How to broadcast it successfully –You will need to have a lame mp3 encoder download it here, http://www.dll-files.com/dllindex/dll-files.shtml?lame_enc and use it to record and broadcast your music.
    4. How to record video using VDJ’s internal recorder – First, download this download K-lite codec. Then use the registry tool to download the codec. Choose the codec and choose xvid. Now, when you go to movie recording under config box you will need to manually type in DIVX. Then go to the codec tab from the VDJ configuration. Then click the on divxthen change it to windows media player.
    5. Does it support external microphone – at this time no. However, there is a work around. You can use the input microphone of windows and route it your soundcards output.

You may go to this link to find out how: http://www.virtualdj.com/homepage/TearEmUp/blogs/3798/How_to_configure_VirtualDJ_to_broadcast_with_a_microphone__.html

Link for User Manual: http://www.virtualdj.com/wiki/index.html


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