Free Dubstep Maker Software

VirtualDJ– is software you can use in creating a music. They offer different edition, which is suitable to what you need and your budget. They offer VirtualDJ LE, VirtualDJ Home, VirtualDJ Broadcaster, VirtualDj Pro Basic and VirtualDJ Pro Full. VirtualDJ Home is what most starters use. As it is free and it has most of the feature you need in starting your career as a music creator.virtualdj

For more information on VirtualDJ go HERE or go to developer’s site:

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Linux Multi Media Studio – LMMS is a free software which allows you to create and make beats and music online. You can also synthesize, mix and arrange music using LMMS.  It is user friendly and you can also make creative effects on your beats and melody by using some plug ins.


For more information on LMMS go HERE or go to developer’s site: 

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ACID Xpress free software for music recording, editing and mixing. It is user friendly and very easy to use. All you need to do is pick any loops, then paint them into the track and replay. Good thing about Acid Express is, it automatically matches the tempo and pitch. Then once you are done creating your music you can already go ahead and publish it.


For more information on Acid Xpress go HERE  or go to developer’s site: 

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Mulab- it is a digital audio workstation for MAC OS X and Windows. It is comes with three different packages and this free version is only limited to up to 4 tracks.


For more information on Mu.Lab go HERE or go to developers: 

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Zynewave Podium offers unlimited numbers of arrangement for each project. You can share your arrangements in sequences and sounds which makes it easier to create different mixes of songs within the same project. Also the sequences and sounds can be pasted on track to create a phantom copies. Alternatively, you can store the library presets to maintain separate collection of plugin and bank files. With the paid version, you can also customize the interface, hierarchic engine, recording and editing feature, Audio bounce track, VST Plugins, external hardware devices,mixer busses and multi-channel audio.slide-podium-1920x1080

For more information on Zynewave Podium go HERE  or go to developer’s site: 

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