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Digital Performer 8

Digital Performer 8

Digital Performer 8 Developer’s Website: 

DP8 works with Windows and MAC. I checked on several forums and I found out that beat makers can’t await for the DP8 to arrive. So how the crowd reacted from its arrival makes me feel that this must be on the best audio tool.

It has 17 New Plugins:

  • Dynamic Equalizer- Precise control of frequency, volume and dynamics.
  • Precision Delay- Correct delay and phasing issues with one click
  • Spatial Maximizer-Mid-side processing for vinyl mastering and beyond
  • De-Esser-Precise removal of unwanted frequencies
  • Subkick- Kick drum enhancer
  • Springamabob- Vintage spring tank reverb
  • Ensemble Chorus- A unique twist on the chorus effect
  • ACE30- Legendary guitar amp
  1. It offer 15 New Themes
  2. Punch Guard™ confidence recording
  3. 100% Cocoa UI for Mac OS X
  4. New video playback engine
  5. In-line control panel
  6. Plug-in management
  7. Rewire and VST plug-in support

Video Tutorial Links: http://www.youtube.com/motutv

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