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How to use:

How to Access the Sound Library–  On the platform, you will need to click on “Add Sounds + “. This will open the Library. Once the library is pulled up, you will see list of libraries where you could choose from. Then if you wish to open the main library, simply click on the Library.

From the library, what you can do is sort and filter. You can choose from different Genre and instrument types.  You can use this to narrow down your search and find the sound or music you are looking for easily.

How to preview sounds- All you need to do is click the music you want and play it. It will be highlighted in the library so you could easily track the music you already played.

How to add sound on your track – Click on the (+) to add the sound on your track. It will be highlighted as well as an indication that you already added that sound.

How to insert a sound –  All you need to do is simply click on it and drag it to insert it in your composition. Once you successfully inserted it, you will notice a paint effect on the wave forms where you inserted it. To remove it, just click and drag the wave forms.

Editing the sounds- Just use the volume and pan slicer which is in the channel control.

How to mute –  all you need to do is press the mute button found on the platform.

Soloing Sounds- Just simply mute all the other channels.

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