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With Button ((Bass)) you can make, remix and share your music. Plus it is free to use.

They offer different intrumentals depending on the genre you want.

Electronic – Srum Button, Drum Machine, Green Cube, House Mixer, Jungle Mixer, Sound Sphere, Techno Tables, V Meter, The Cubes.

Hip Hop – Beat Button, Drumpad,D South Tables, Freestyle Mic, Mic Studio, Pemrose beats, Voice Box, Virtual Drums.

Instruments– Guitar, Xylophone

Reggaeton – Reggaeton Mixer

Rock – Rock Face.


1. Play Piano- You have two options to play the piano. You can use your mouse or your keyboard. All you just need to do is click on “Activate keyboard” if you wish to switch using keyboard.

2. Choose Songs- You may choose your song by clicking the dropdown option above the piano. Also, at the bottom part of the piano logo.

3. Piano Effects- You can also add effects on your music, just simply click on the black button on the piano keyboard.There are 3-4 available effects per button.

4. Record Voice Sample- you may record your own voice by clicking “record voice sample mic”. Once you click on it, it will ask you to allow mic access. Then choose allow. You may choose to add effects on your voice as well. High Pitch, It can make your voice faster, and normal.

5. Play Mixer- You may play loops through Button bass. It has volume, balance, tempo and visualization.

6. Embeded Widget -At the button part you will see an option to copy the HTML code for the music you created so you could share it.

7. Record- You can record your mixes from button beats just download the free record toolbar in firefox. You can also save your music as MP3

8. Download- It will allow you to download many widget.

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