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Best Music Makers

DrDrum– It is used by both professionals and beginners alike. It has a 16-track sequencer, and it can modify the volume of each track, tones, pan effects, as well as other filters. It contains four octaves and have a twelve-pad drum machine that allows you to crate your beats and import your own custom tracks. It works on both Mac and PC. Over all it is very good.drdrum

Price: $29.99

For more information on DrDrum go HERE or go to Developer’s Website: http://www.drdrum.com/

Fruity Loops -FL Studio– is formerly known as Fruity Loops. One of the most popular music production. I personally have used this, and I have to say it is AWESOME. It has all the feature in creating a professional music. It was developed by a Belgian company. It has 4 different editions, Microsoft Windows, including FL Studio Express, Fruity Edition, Producer Edition, and the Signature Bundle.


Price: $99-$299

For more information on FL Studio click HERE or go Developer’s Website: [sociallocker id=”1246″]http://www.flstudio.com/ [/sociallocker]

Acoustica MixcraftIt is a powerful recording and workstation music production tool. This DAW( Digital audio workstation) It has thousands of music loops, audio effect, and virtual instrument. like other recording workstation tool, you can record your music with this. You can do a lot of this here, like remix your music, you can make your own composition using midi and virtual instruments, add effect score and edit videos.


Price: 74.95- $169.95

For more information on Acoustica Mixcraft click HERE or go Developer’s website: [sociallocker id=”1246″]http://www.acoustica.com/ [/sociallocker]

ProTools 11 HDWith this version you will get all the benefits of Protools 11. Plus additional features. If you are demanding for a highest quality sound, then this is a perfect tool for you. With this version you will experience power mixing, you can do new stuff with HD Native. ProTools 11 enable you to add analog warmth to your music and super sound.


Price: $599-$999

For more information on ProTool 11 HD go HERE or Developer’s Website: [sociallocker id=”1246″]http://www.avid.com/US/products/pro-tools-software/ [/sociallocker]

Cakewalk Sonar – is one of the most popular GUI in the world. It is being use by granny and emmy producer, sound engineers and composers. This is a professional choice and it runs with PC or MAC without using any external device. They offer 3 Music Recording Softwares. Sonar X2 Producer, Sonar X2 Studio, Sonar X2 Essential. They have a new product which is  Music Creator 6 Touch and they offering it as a free upgrade. These softwares were created and built in to suit your needs. The Sonar X2 Producer is the leading DAW for producer, X2 Studio is powerful DAW in its price range, the X2 Essential in the entry level version and  Music creator is for those who wants to start creating music in an affordable cost.


Price: $199+

For more information on Cakewalk Sonar go HERE or Developer’s Website:[sociallocker id=”1246″]http://www.cakewalk.com/Products/By-Category.aspx/Music-Recording-Software [/sociallocker]

Cubase 7 It is the producers choice. It offers more musical features compared to others. It offers an overhauled mixing console,an innovative chord assistance, advanced Vari Audio and a lot more, which makes it smarter and faster.


Price: $99.99- $499.99

For more information on Cubase 7 click HERE or go to Developer’s Website: [sociallocker id=”1246″]http://www.steinberg.net/en/products/cubase/start.html [/sociallocker]

Digital Performer 8–  It is a great DAW, however the cost is steep at $499 to download it and to get the other features of it you need to pay additional. DP8 works with Windows and MAC. There are many music and beat makers that are excitedly waiting for the DP8 to arrive. So how the crowd reacted from its arrival makes me feel that this must be on the best audio tool. It is the 2013  Electronic Musician Editor’s Choice Award. It supports 64-bit or 32 -bit.


Price: $499

For more informaion on Digital Performer 8 go HERE or go Developer’s Website: [sociallocker id=”1246″]http://www.motu.com/products/software/dp/ [/sociallocker]

Garageband By Apple Inc. One cool mobile app. Imagine, you can create your music on your pay and anywhere you want to go. Imagine as well that you can make your own music in a simple tap in the app. With this app you can also create music with your friends, all you just need to use is your iOS devices. All your devices sync to the same key and tempo so it is guarantee  that it will sound good together. Once you are done it will appear on the band leader’s device and you can share  it.


Price: $4.99

For more information on Garageband click HERE or go to Developer’s Website:[sociallocker id=”1246″] http://www.apple.com/ilife/garageband/what-is.html [/sociallocker]

Logic Pro X: By Apple IncIt is a recording studio available only is MAC OS.  They also have an available app so you could create your music anytime and anywhere. With the Logic Remote app, you can use your iPad to control Logic Pro on your Mac. It has a lot of plugins which you can use to create your music. It has a drummer, virtual session player that provides natural and realistic acoustic drum performance. It offers advanced set of options that let you record, edit and manipulate MIDI performance. Also, it has over 250 audio tracks available, and you can run hundreds of plug-ins. Also, with this one, it helps you manage your folder easily.


Price: $199.99

For more information on Logic Pro X click HERE or go Developer’s Website:[sociallocker id=”1246″]http://www.apple.com/logic-pro/[/sociallocker]

Propellerheads Reason – One of the famous DAW in the world and they offer 4 different ways of creating, editing and mixing your music. They have a software, hardware on the phone or either through music libraries.


Price: $115+

For more information on Propellerheads Reason click HERE or go to Developer’s Website: [sociallocker id=”1246″]http://www.propellerheads.se/ [/sociallocker]

Reaper 4It is a complete multi track audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing and mastering environment. Unlike others, there is only one version available for reaper. The only difference is they offer two different licensing depending on how you will use their system.

They offer full licensing for $225 and $60 for discounted licensing if you meet their qualifications.

reaper 4

Price: $60 or $225

For more information on Reaper 4 click HERE or go to Developer’s Website: [sociallocker id=”1246″]http://www.cockos.com/reaper/ [/sociallocker]

Samplitude Pro Xit is a so called perfect DAW because of its uncompromising audio product. You can arrange, mix, edit and record with this software. It has Professional mastering to CD/DVD Authoring.  Its interface is customization. Its audio precision is 64-bit it provides 5.1 surround mixing and it offers seamless integration into your studio which makes it the most powerful DAW.


Price: $499 – FREE 30 day trail

For more information on Samplitude Pro X click HERE or go Developer’s Website: [sociallocker id=”1246″] http://www.samplitude.com/ [/sociallocker]