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Pro Tools 11-  This is their standard version. The price of this tool is $699 if you will buy it in Avid Store. They also have partnership with some retail store worldwide to make it easier and convenient for you to buy their products. With this new version, what you will get is multiple times the processing of Pro Tools 10.


Turbo Session with 64-Bit performanceThis help you boost the performance of your music. With this you can take advantage of larger VI sampler sizes. This will create a more realistic sounds without straining your system.

Speed up delivery with offline bounce This feature will allow you to speed up your mix or stem deliveries up to 150x without compensating the quality of your music.

Get ultra-low latency with a dedicated input buffer  This will allow you to monitor your native system or record input with low latency. Without compensating its performance, if you would like to as well, you can use a large plug-in heavy session but you will surely get the responsiveness you need to produce best performance.

Mix with confidence using extended metering (Pro Tools HD 11 only)- This will let you optimize your mix.

Play and edit HD video with the new Avid Video Engine-   You can edit play or mixin variety of HD videos.

Record and Compose Features:

Get top-quality sound and performance with Avid Hardware –  With Pro tools 11 you can pair it with an avid hardware to produce a best possible sound. This will help you optimized performance of your music as well. With this, you may record up to 32 bit/192khz.

Drive faster with optimize performance-  Pro tools 11 has a disk enhanced handler. This will help you experience a great recording and playback responsiveness.


Work the way you want –  Because of its many features, you can create and make your music just the way you want it

Loop and Punch your way to perfection – This will allow you to make a perfect music.

Instrument –  They offer variety of instruments which you can use to make your music.

Compose with Full MIDI and Notation Tools-  They have a MIDI editor to help you in composing your music.

Work and collaborate on Projects with other Apps-  They have a phone application which is available for Pro Tools user. Which will allows you to collaborate and make music with others using their APPS.


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