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Learn how to work with audio tracks –



Learn how to work with audio track ( part2)-



Learn how to work with effect automation –



Learn how to work with Audio Notetracks-



Learn how to work with Pattern tracks –



Learn how to use the Beatbox 9 Drum Machine – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPj5MVFCTSs


Learn how to use effect with the Beatbox 9



Learn how to use side-chains compression:



Learn how to use the bassline Machine



Learn how to use the crossfader


Learn how to use the Rasselbock


 Learn how to use the Machiniste Part I and Part II




Knowledge base link: http://wiki.audiotool.com/doku.php


  • Rasselbock
  • Graphical EQ
  • Autofilter
  • Exciter
  • Stereo Enhancer
  • Stomp Boxes


  • Sample Import – With this feature, you can fine tune your recording before you submit it to the server.
  • Sample Browser- You can have access to the sample library. You can also import sample and all the sample within the community ( which are posted publicly) by simply dragging it to your arrangement.



  • Note Region- The elementary element of the sequencer. This is where you could find the piano roll which you can use in editing your notes in your instruments.  The pattern segment in the Note region can be use for changing pattern within the timeline.
  • Automation Region – It allows you to automate any control in your device. From here, you can draw the knob or either, fine tune your recorded knob movements.
  • Audio Region -If you want to work your samples in a timeline, this is where you need to go. Just drag them from here to your Sample Browser and it will already fit them to the BPM setting of your project.

audiotools 1

Modular Structure – It is unique in a way that it is not using channels which you populate with plugins. Everything with auditool is virtual. You just need to drag your device to your virtual desktop. There are virtual instruments and plugins which you need to connect to your virtual desktop using virtual cable. Sound easy and cool! The purpose of the developer in making it like this, is to build a stable signal chain in a fast and hassle free way.

audiotools 2

Heisenberg – is audiotool Sonic wishing well.It has 4 OSCs and has a massive filter section. This simple synthesizer can deliver deep bass to high pitched whistle sound. It is also LFO capable, and can be sync via notes value.

audiotools 3

Pulverisateur- It is a polyphonic synthesizer, which enables modulation possibilities.I It has a massive filter feature as well, which allows you to tweak its 3OSCs to its limit. You may also add audio input if you would like to.


Machinisite- This is a drum machine. It has a pattern editor and filter as well. Which is use to tweak drum sample.



Beatbox 8 & 9 – It is a classical rhythm Composer. It offers a solid foundation to keep your beat going. You can also program them with the integrated pattern editor and allows you to create note track in your arrangement in editing them, just like a midi instrument.


Bassline- It is a classical hardware. It drives hooklines.


Tonematrix-  It is a tenory style sound generator. You can connect this with other instruments and you may use it as a pattern sequence.

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